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  • I found myself in the healing industry because of my Mam. She has arthritis and one day when looking up treatments that can help manage, and sometimes alleviate the pain that comes with it, massage popped up and I found it so interesting and beneficial that I was drawn to it.

    That was (way) back in 2007 and since then I have qualified in many therapies, practicing craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, holistic massage, reflexology, pregnancy and Indian head massage.

    I love my practice and immensely enjoy finding knots/tension spots within a person’s body and doing my utmost to relieve them; be it sore muscles from working out or bad posture; to an on-going repetitive strain or injury or looking after a person’s mental health by helping to destress them.

    Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs. I feel a therapist gives a treatment in the manner in which they’d wish to receive a treatment. On that note, I do use strong pressure, feeling out and working on areas/spots of tension and tightness and finally finishing with a calming head massage to re-balance and ease the client, setting them up for a great day and an even better deep and peaceful sleep that night.

    Since qualifying, I have mainly worked in the Corporate sector; from Health & Safety events with Bank of Ireland, IKEA and the Bon Secours Hospital to weekly treatments in Enterprise Ireland and Shrewsbury Nursing Home. With such a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations come many different bodies with particular issues, affecting their work environment and head space.

    And this is how I treat… looking at each individual holistically, to give them the best treatment suited to their unique needs.

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